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At Zinavo Technologies, as the best SEO services provider, we provide the Lead Based Marketing for your business. If you want to generate more leads for your online business. As more leads as more sales! We offer lead-based PPC & SEO Services. Please visit our Portfolio: www.zinavo.co/Portfolio.html

Let us assess your market, your products, customers and prospects and work with you to create bespoke campaigns that generate response and open new doors whilst maximizing your budget.

Lead management is the process of ranking a lead’s profile fit and level of interest according to a methodology agreed upon by both marketing and sales.  Leads are scored in a number of ways, assigned by points or ranked by using terms such as “hot,” “warm,” or “cold.”  At Zinavo Technologies, it is not only help align the right follow-up to the corresponding inquiry, it also helps marketing and sales teams identify where each prospect is in the buying process.