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“Grow as we grow” Are you in search of doing exciting work in an environment you’re going to love? Are you interested to thrive on excellence? Are you a smart worker with passion to work? Are you eager and enjoy solving challenging problems? Want to work with a shrewd, committed team? Then we are the right employer for you. If you are interested in making a difference in the world, have talent and ready to face challenges and want to pursue a career in web designing, development and internet marketing, then you have golden opportunities waiting. Please visit our Portfolio: www.zinavo.co/Portfolio.html

We believe in giving free reign to the budding inventive worm in each employee and hence we encourage our human resource to unleash their hidden potential because this is the platform that each one of you deserves and needs to grow and acquire yourself.

Zinavo consider every employee is an integral part of our organization and we take care for their development from corporate IT training to knowledge sharing. We provide a fabulous friendly working environment within the workplace. You can share and acquire knowledge and experience among the talented, energetic youth and the experienced employees. For better career growth and opportunities join us.

Current Openings are listed below
We are looking for candidates with integrity, self disciplined who identify our values and learn.

SEO Fresher M/F 1 to 2 years 6 Position
Web Development Fresher M/F 1 to 2 years 4 Position
HR-Human Resource Manager F 1 to 2 years 1 Position
Network/System Administrator M 1 to 2 years 1 Position
Business Development Executive M 2 to 4 years 3 Position
Senior Accountant M 3 to 4 years 1 Position
PHP Programmers M/F 3 to 4 years 3 Position
Wordpress/Joomla Developers M/F 2 to 4 years 5 Position
Senior web designer (Web/Graphic/Flash) M 2 to 4 years 2 Position
Project Manager M 3 to 5 years 2 Position

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